2023 Holiday Equipment Guide

2023 Holiday Equipment Guide

This year, we've updated our Holiday Equipment Guide to include some of newest products we'll be using in our kitchen this season. These multifunctional tools are a great investment to make during the holiday season, but will see regular use in your kitchen year round! 

For the Turkey (and other main courses)  

MEATER PLUS Thermometer - $99.95 Our pick this year for temping your turkey, the Meater Plus not only reads the internal temperature of the meat and sends it straight to your phone, but also the ambient temperature of the oven! The app provides recommendations based on what your cooking for the best oven temperature AND monitors your oven to ensure accuracy. With a bluetooth range of 165ft AND the ability to extend your wireless range via the MEATER Link WiFi, you'll be able to monitor your cooking from anywhere!



Hestan Classic Roaster with Rack - On Sale for $159.95 to $199.95 Available in two different sizes (14.5" or 16.5") the Hestan Classic Roaster with Rack features the chef-inspired design we've come to know and love about Hestan in a durable 3-ply 18/10 stainless steel and aluminum core clad construction. As a bonus, they double as an extra large baking pan for your biggest casseroles.

When it comes time to carve, have you considered using a board with built in juice groove to capture the juices? J.K. Adams Pour Spout Board ($130), made in Vermont, features a handy pour spout and pooling well to make it easy to collect the juices to create your favorites gravies and sauces. 

Some smaller items are also helpful to have on hand, like twine, brining bags, and these OXO Turkey & Roast Lifters.

Gravy and Sauces

Cuisipro Fat Separator Deluxe - $39.95 Sure, if you've got the time you can chill the pan drippings from your turkey so you can skim off the hardened fat the next day. But who has time for that during the holidays? With a highly perforated, tall-side strainer and a precise release valve, this fat separator is ranked #1 by America's Test Kitchen.

OXO Sauce Whisk - $9.95 From scraping up the fond from the bottom of a pan to reaching into the corners of your pan while making a roux, a flat whisk is indispensable for making gravies. The flat design is less efficient at aerating liquids, but that also means that you're less likely to spill gravy over the sides of your pan while whisking.

Potatoes, Three Ways

GEFU Potato, Juice and Spaetzle Press - $129.95 - this multifunction gadget is our top pick this year for the fluffiest mashed potatoes. It comes with 2 punched discs for making Spaetzle, fine purees, or fresh juice and has a 20 year warranty.

Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline - $49.95 Ready to try something different with your potatoes? The Cuisipro Handheld Mandolin will make short work of all the slicing needed for Potatoes au Gratin - a cheesy and delightful alternative to the traditional mash. It comes with three interchangeable, replaceable blades and is fully adjustable for different thicknesses.



RSVP Hasselback Potato Guide - $9.95 Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, and oh-so-buttery. Yes, we love hasselback potatoes. But painstakingly slicing our potatoes by hand? That we do not love. The RSVP Hasselback Potato Guide ensures every cut is the same thickness and depth, creating perfectly accordioned potatoes ready to be basted in an unholy amount of herb infused butter. You're welcome.

Baking Dishes

Green bean, sweet potato, wild rice - there's really no end to what tastes better when you cook it in a casserole with LOTS of cream and cheese. And because casseroles go straight from oven to table without needing to dirty up yet another serving platter, your dish might as well be as beautiful as the food you make in it. 

It's hard for us to recommend just one casserole dish - there are so many we love! Most recipes will call for a 9"x13" baker, but we've assembled all of our casserole and baking dishes in one place for you.

Pie Tools

Emile Henry Modern Classics Pie Dishes - $19.95 to $29.95 What would the holidays be without pie? Even if you're by yourself this year, you can still make a single portion of pie in the Emile Henry Mini Modern Classics Pie Dish. These single serving pie dishes make it easy to justify baking up the classic apple-pumpkin-pecan trio even if you're the only one around to eat them. Or you could just make a regular sized pie or two...we won't tell.

Cuisinart 7 Cup Food Processor - $99.95 Our #1 hack for making flaky pie crust? Use a food processor. You save substantial time and effort, while yielding a truly flaky crust. But a food processor is far from a one trick pony in the kitchen - gift yourself one this year and you might be surprised at how often you use it. We carry food processors ranging all the way from 4 cups capacity up to 16, but for a standard double crust pie dough recipe, you'll need one that's 7 cups or more. We recommend Cuisinart's 7 Cup Food Processor for someone desiring a slightly smaller appliance with good functionality. Try our Flakiest Vodka Pie Crust recipe!



Mrs. Anderson's Ceramic Pie Weights - $6.95 Don't be deterred when a recipe tells you to "blind bake" your pie crust before adding the filling. This just means to pre-bake the shell so you don't end up with the dreaded soggy bottom. Mrs. Anderson's Ceramic Pie Weights are America's Test Kitchen favorites for a reason - they're heavy enough to keep the bottom of the crust from bubbling and conduct heat beautifully for a more even bake.


Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Pie Crust Shield - $11.95 When "blind baking" a pie crust (baking the shell part of the way before adding a filling), a common problem is an overbaked outer crust. We avoid this problem by using a pie crust shield, handily designed to prevent crusts from burning or overbrowning in the oven.


OXO Silicone Dough Rolling Bag - $16.95 If I'm being perfectly honest, I'm still intimidated by the challenge of rolling out a nearly round pie crust to the perfect diameter. OXO's Silicone Dough Rolling Bag is like the painting by numbers version of rolling out your pie dough - just stick the dough in the bag and roll until it reaches the desired diameter, as indicated by the clear markings on the bag. Is it cheating? Maybe. But we won't tell. If you're a little less anxious about dough sticking to your rolling pin than I am, but still want the handy measurements, Tovolo's Silicone Pastry Mat not only comes with measurements but also lots of nifty baking conversions printed around the sides.


Joseph Joseph Precision Adjustable Rolling Pin - $19.95 This rolling pin takes the guesswork out of rolling out pie doughs. You'll achieve a consistent thickness 100% of the time. With rings varying from 1/16" up to 3/8", this tool can be used for biscuits, pizza bases, cookies, and pastry sheets.



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