About Us

Good eating, made simple.

Why do you cook? For health? For love? For joy? Do you cook for friends? Family? Just for you? And what do you cook? How complex or simple do you want the process to be? 

Whether you're a novice cook trying to add a little excitement to your meal prep or an experienced home chef looking for fresh inspiration, we’re here to equip you with the tools and expertise to approach your cooking with zest: enthusiasm, excitement, and energy for life.

Many of us have experienced how the right tool brings out the joy in cooking, whether it’s the pleasure of effortlessly slicing through a ripe tomato or watching your beurre blanc reduce into a thick, even glaze. Our experienced staff are here to guide you to the tools and knowledge that will make your cooking both more flavorful and more enjoyable to prepare. Serving Billings, Montana, central Montana, and Northern Wyoming communities.

Our Story

home cooking pasta maker

The seed for Zest was planted forty years ago when my parents Robert and Cheryl were given a pasta machine as a wedding gift. On pasta nights, our kitchen was barely controlled chaos, much like the rest of our lives. Flour covered the black and white checkerboard floors and steam billowed out of the pasta water. My sister Dominique turned the crank and I caught the silky strands of pasta as they came out of the machine before handing them over to my mom who would toss them lightly in flour before dunking them into the pot. Everyone was home, everyone had a role, no one was in a rush, and we'd eat together at the table. Even as a child, I knew that our pasta was so much better than the stuff we bought at the store—chewier, saltier, with a slightly bumpy texture which the sauce would stick to like magic, allowing me to slurp up more of my favorite basil pesto cream sauce with every bite. The warm memories of those cooking sessions sustained our family through the difficulties of, well, being a family. Those nights taught us, through the simple act of making pasta from scratch, how to approach the simple tasks of life with zest.

Pasta nights with my family made me fall in love with both the process of cooking and the food. So when the opportunity came to start a business as a family, kitchen and cookware just seemed natural. It was our good fortune to meet Jennie Flight, owner of At Home on the Range in Livingston, Montana, when we started planning our store. She mentored us through the early stages of business planning. Then, when she decided to close her store, we knew we wanted her to be a part of our venture. 

We are so pleased she said yes. Together, we want to help you find your zest for cooking.