The Flavors of Sichuan

The Flavors of Sichuan 0

One of the best parts about running this store is that I get to share the foods I'm most excited about. Lately, that's been Sichuan Cuisine. I'm a ...
  • Marguerite Jodry
Individual sized Pomegranate Cheesecake

Individual sized Pomegranate Cheesecake 0

  • Chef Lisa Rembold
Herb Roasted Cornish Game Hen

Herb Roasted Cornish Game Hen 0

Roasting smaller birds, such as the Game Hen, Pheasant, or even a smaller chicken, is much the same as roasting a full turkey, with some minor time...
  • Chef Lisa Rembold
Individual "Stuffing" Savory bread puddings

Individual "Stuffing" Savory bread puddings 0

  • Chef Lisa Rembold
Mashed Potatoes For Two

Mashed Potatoes For Two 0

This scaled down version of mashed potatoes will yield just a little leftovers if you and your guest are not ravenous. 
  • Marguerite Jodry
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberry Gastrique

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberry Gastrique 0

  • Chef Lisa Rembold
Classic Buttery Dinner Rolls

Classic Buttery Dinner Rolls 0

Classic dinner rolls are a recipe that doesn't really need to be scaled for smaller groups, because the rolls keep well in the fridge or can be fro...
  • Marguerite Jodry
Construction Strength Gingerbread

Construction Strength Gingerbread 0

If you plan to enter our Gingerbread House Competition this year, you'll need a gingerbread recipe that is stronger than it is tasty. Chef Lisa's r...
  • Marguerite Jodry
Prosciutto Wrapped Green Beans with Fried Onion Crumble

Prosciutto Wrapped Green Beans with Fried Onion Crumble 0

  • Marguerite Jodry
Poultry seasoning blend

Poultry seasoning blend 0

Seasoning blends are an easy shortcut to measuring out each individual spice or herb. You can mix this in advance of the holidays and use it throug...
  • Marguerite Jodry
Home made Cranberry Sauce

Home made Cranberry Sauce 0

  • Chef Lisa Rembold
Holiday Equipment Guide

Holiday Equipment Guide 0

Our holiday equipment roundup is an overview of the most essential tools for cooking those big holiday meals. Everything we've selected is multifunctional, meaning you'll get exhaustive use out of each item beyond the holidays. And we've provided a few suggestions for the right cookware to feed smaller groups this year. 

  • Marguerite Jodry