Ballymaloe Beef Stew

Ballymaloe Beef Stew

One of the first dishes I learned to cook from the famous Irish chef, Darina Allen!

Discovering Darina Allen’s “The Forgotten Skills of Cooking”

 In 2009, I was freshly graduated from college and ambling along the Oregon coast, visiting a friend who had moved to a small logging town to study Northern Spotted Owls. We had made our way to the idyllic town of Astoria and found ourselves in a bookshop on a rainy afternoon. Tucked into a display of cookbooks was a teal blue tome over two inches thick. I pulled it out of the shelf and went home with it that day.

 I remember the approximate $45 price tag was steep for a recent college grad with no real job, but I had to have it. Darina Allen’s “The Forgotten Skills of Cooking: 700 Recipes To Show You Why The Time-Honored Ways Are The Best” was the first cookbook I bought for myself. For years, it was just about the only cookbook I cooked from.

 If you’re not familiar with her work, Darina Allen is sometimes called the Julia Child of Irish cuisine. This book was my first foray into time-honored traditional forms of cooking that I’d never had the chance to learn growing up. I made butter, clotted cream, preserved eggs in lard, and even tried making preserved sausages. The love affair I already had with cooking became a more profoundly impassioned relationship - inspired by seasonality and traditional techniques.

 For St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the legend that is Darina Allen by featuring one of her most iconic dishes - Ballymaloe Beef Stew. This hearty and comforting stew is made with beef chuck, root vegetables, and a delicious broth made with beef stock and a generous amount of red wine.


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