Top 10 Summer Grilling Essentials

Top 10 Summer Grilling Essentials


OXO Tongs: 16"

Long Handled Tongs

The best grill tongs are long enough to reach to the back of the grill without exposing your arm hair to the fire, sturdy enough to pick up heavier items, and comfortable to use. The OXO Tongs: 16" make our list by meeting all these requirements and for being dishwasher safe, making your post-grill cleanup a breeze.


OXO Grilling Precision Turner


Whether you're indoors or outdoors, a flexible slotted metal spatula is one of the most versatile kitchen tools. The flexible design provides precision and control that ensure you'll never lose another piece of crispy salmon skin. Normally, our favorite style of precision turner - the "fish spatula" - features a short handle, but the OXO Grilling Precision Turner features a longer handle and wider head than others on the market, and we love to use it for grilling.


OXO Grilling Tool Rest

Tool Rest

Never find yourself stuck, mid-grilling, without a good place to put your spatula or tongs. OXO's Grilling Tool Rest provides just that. The heat resistant silicone stands up to tools that have just been over the fire, and it's nonstick and easy to clean. The specially designed prongs hold your tongs in place, and it's dishwasher safe.

OXO Grilling Prep and Carry System

Grilling and Marinating Trays

Tired of taking trips back and forth from the kitchen to your grill? Then you need one system to prep, marinate, transport, and serve. The OXO Grilling Prep and Carry system delivers - a Deep Tray for seasoning, carrying and serving, Large Cutting Board with non-slip accents for prepping, and Color Coded Trays for marinating. Simplify your grilling experience with this all in one system.

Outset High Temperature Grill Gloves

Grill Gloves

Whether you're maneuvering a brisket out of your smoker or handling heated cookware like cast iron, grill gloves can handle the heat. Outset High Temperature Grill Gloves are heat resistent up to 650ºF and feature an easy-on split cut for wrist and forearm protection.

OXO Nylon Grill Brush for Cold Cleaning

Grill Brush

A clean grill is absolutely essential to for even cooking and ensuring that delicate foods, like fish, don't stick. There's been a lot of discussion online lately about the safety of wire grill brushes. While wire headed brushes tend to work the best, and offer the versatility of being able to be used on a hot grill, a nylon headed brush can work just as well. The OXO Nylon Grill Brush has a few features we love - stainless steel scraper for burnt-on bits, angled front bristles that dig into corners, and a replaceable head. 

ThermoWorks Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


There's a never ending debate over which type of thermometer is better for grilling: instant read, or a leave-in probe. And really, it just comes down to personal preference. Since I have a tendency to walk away from my grilling (probably distracted by a pretty flower in the yard), having an alarm go off when my steaks have reached their perfect temperature is hugely helpful. But whichever style you prefer, Thermoworks is the brand to get. The Thermapen ONE is the simplest, but best approach to temping your foods. But if you want to be able to temp multiple foods at once AND the ambient temperature of your grill, the Thermoworks Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can't be beat. The ability to measure four different channels - three cooking and one air probe - remotely via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi means you don't have worry about getting distracted and forgetting about that expensive rib-eye!

CHEF'N Burger Mold Fold 'n Freeze

Burger Mold

While not strictly essential, we can't imagine anything more convenient than premade patties all ready to go in the freezer. The Chef'n Burger Mold Fold n' Freeze Mix makes six perfectly round 1/5 lb or 1/3 lb patties. Mix up your favorite burger recipe - veggie salmon, or classic hamburger - then fill the tray and freeze. You can remove one patty at a time, or have a burger night with the whole family with limited effort on your part. 

NorPro Cast-Iron Bacon Grill Press: 4" x 6.75"

Grill Press

The deepest sear and the crispiest fish skins are achieved with the help of one simple, hefty tool: a grill press. Preheated, your grill press cooks food on both sides simultaneously for faster, crispier, and more even cooking. From smash burgers to the perfect grilled cheese, the Norpro Cast-Iron Bacon Grill Press is good for so much more than just bacon.

Le Creuset Alpine Outdoor Square Grill Basket: 12"

Grill Basket

In summer's heat, the ability to cook all your foods on the grill is a boon for those of us without AC. A cast iron grill basket enables you to saute, stir-fry and roast all on your grill. Durable and easy to clean, the Le Creuset Alpine Outdoor Collection Grill Basket is completely encased in a rugged matte black enamel that is ready to use and requires no seasoning. Grill or saute vegetables and potatoes without ever worrying about them falling through the grill grates.

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