Heritage Steel

At Heritage Steel, cookware is designed to adhere to 5 golden rules.  Good cookware should:

  1. Heat efficiently
  2. Heat evenly
  3. Balance the qualities of heat retention and heat responsiveness, depending on the intended use
  4. Not chemically interact with food or the cooking environment
  5. Be functional and durable

With these guiding principles in mind, Heritage Steel has addressed each criteria of these criteria through their selection of superior materials and quality construction.


Chemical non-reactivity: The cooking surface for most stainless steel cookware is type 304. Heritage Steel goes further to promote durability and non-reactivity by using type 316Ti steel on their cooking surfaces. This titanium-strengthened steel is 20 times better at resisting the corrosion and pitting that can occur in 304 steel in high concentrations of chloride ions (dissolved salt), making it the most inert, stable, and hypoallergenic cooking surface available.

Conductivity: Unlike many clad cookware lines that use one interior layer of aluminum, Heritage Steel uses three interior layers of aluminum (for a total of 5 layers, including the two exterior stainless steel layers) to ensure even and efficient heating, and they alter the thickness of their cookware pieces depending on their intended purpose.


Many cheaper types of stainless steel cookware will only use a clad construction on the bottom of the pan, or skimp on materials costs by using a thinner body. Both shortcuts sacrifice the cookware’s even & efficient heating.

Heritage Steel only builds fully clad cookware, meaning that all five layers of metal are used in the entire body of the cookware. The specific materials that are layer together are designed to maximize the cookware's functionality and durability.

  1. 316Ti Stainless Steel inner / food contact layer— Unrivaled stability and durability

  2. 1145 Pure Aluminum — Bonding layer; even & efficient heating

  3. 3004 Aluminum — Even & efficient heating

  4. 1145 Pure Aluminum — Bonding layer; even & efficient heating

  5. 439 Stainless Steel — Durability & induction-readiness


The design of a pan doesn’t stop at the body – it should also feel good in your hand. Handle design is often overlooked, leaving you with uncomfortable handles that don’t function well.

Heritage Steel puts a lot of time and effort into designing their handles. The result is a handle that serves two purposes – it has a hollow center so that it will stay cool on the stovetop, and it is designed ergonomically so that it will actually fit comfortably in your hand.


It’s important to understand the technical specifications of your cookware so that you can know how it will perform in your kitchen. Many manufacturers don’t even want to tell you the country of origin, let alone technical details like thickness or types of metals.

Heritage Steel cookware is proudly made in Clarksville, TN by an incredibly talented and experienced team, who believe that transparency is the best way to show the value of their craft.  Take a look at their manufacturing process, and get a first hand look at all of the technical specifications of their cookware.

Every piece of cookware they put out has been manually checked and re-checked for quality numerous times throughout the process. Heritage Steel has been an  industry leader in high quality custom stainless steel cookware manufacturing for decades, and that experience shows.


Heritage steel uses only the best materials to create obsessively well-designed and well-made cookware — all for the same or lower price than other premium stainless steel.

They are not a big brand, they are a family-owned company with a long history of small batch, specialty multiclad stainless steel manufacturing.

Heritage Steel wants their cookware to provide for your family what it has for theirs: a lifetime of great meals. That's why they back all of their cookware with a lifetime warranty.

To shop our selection of Heritage Steel Cookware, you can visit us in person or online!