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Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler (2 Pack)

Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler (2 Pack)

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To enjoy your espresso at its best, you need to ensure you are keeping your machine clean and free of limescale. With this 2-pack Durgol Swiss Espresso cleaner, you can keep your machine running at peak performance.

  • 2 PET bottles
  • 4.2 fl. oz. each bottle
  • use one bottle per decalcification process

There are plenty of descalers on the market, but Durgol's Swiss Espresso cleaner is different. Durgol is made of sulfamic acid. While citric acid-based products are popular, these cleaners cannot remove 100% of limescale buildup, and using them creates an added layer of calcium citrate on top of any remaining limescale when used. This makes it even harder to clean in the future, as calcium citrate cannot be dissolved by any cleaner.

Vinegar has become a popular do it yourself alternative, but this causes your machine's tubes to become brittle and porous, causing them to burst over time. With this 2-pack of Durgol Swiss Espresso cleaner, you can clean 100% of limescale buildup without leaving any calcium citrate buildup behind or damaging the internal components of your machine.

This cleaner is ready to use out of the bottle, unlike powder and tablet alternatives that need to be dissolved in water. These Durgol cleaners are safe for all brands of coffee or espresso machines, so you can be sure you are using a trusted product. This formula is fast, effective, and safe and will not leave any residue, odor, or aftertaste behind.

When you use Durgol on your machines, you can rest easy knowing you are using a product that is environmentally safe and is packaged in a 100% recyclable bottle.

  • Ready for use - No need to dissolve in water (unlike powders and tablets) and safe for ALL brands of coffee or espresso machines
  • Fast, yet effective and safe. Powerful, yet gentle and caring to the machine with no residue, odor, or aftertaste
  • Regular use ensures optimal coffee/espresso quality with the finest aroma and extends the life span of the coffee machine
  • Environmentally safe; 100% recyclable PET bottles
  • Made in Switzerland

Quick and easy to use 

One bottle is sufficient for thorough descaling of the coffee machine. Quick and effortless application with no need for additional reaction time. 

Highly effective against limescale 

Hygienic cleanliness and highly effective removal of limescale deposits. Food-safe and leaves no residue. 

Long-lasting coffee machines 

The special protection and care formula extends the service life of your coffee machine and ensures a perfect cup of coffee. 

Instructions for Use:

We recommend that you descale your coffee machine regularly and before a large amount of limescale has accumulated – ideally, every three months. Please follow the instructions for your coffee machine when descaling and rinsing.

First and foremost, follow the decalcification and rinsing instructions issued by your coee machine manufacturer. Set the machine to your local water hardness. Decalcify the machine as soon as the decalcification indicator comes on, or at the latest when the machine takes longer to produce a cup of coee or the brewing process becomes louder.

•Automatic• with decalcification program

1.  Pour one portion (125 ml) of durgol swiss espresso into the water tank.

2.  Add water up to the capacity level recommended by the machine manufacturer.

3.  The program will now either start automatically or can be started manually.

•Manual• without decalcification program

1.  Pour one portion (125 ml) of durgol swiss espresso into the water tank. 

2.  Add the same amount of water (125 ml) to the tank. 

3.  Let this solution run through the hot water dispenser. Do not activate the steam function! For machines without a hot water dispenser, run the solution through the coffee dispenser.

If the decalcification process does not start: Gradually add water until the decalcification process can be started (the required water volume depends on the machine type). Run the decalcification solution through the machine via the hot water dispenser (or the coffee dispenser).

4. Collect the solution in an adequately sized glass or plastic container as it flows out of the machine. Warning: the solution may be hot! Allow it to cool before tossing it away. Rinse with a generous volume of water.

5. Rinse the water tank with water. Then rinse the machine with 1 – 2 full tanks of water (if your machine has a decalcification program, follow the manufacturer’s rinsing instructions).

6. Tip: once the process is complete, wipe the coffee machine with a damp cloth to remove any splashes of decalcification solution. Enjoy your next cup of perfect cup of coffee!

Ingredients: Water, Sulfamic Acid

Important advice
• Contains inorganic acid, protective and auxiliary substances.
• Avoid contact with materials sensitive to acid as these may be damaged by the decalcifier solution.
• Do not mix with chlorine type bleach or other chemicals.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water. Seek medical advice if irritation persists.
• If swallowed, drink water. Seek medical advice if you feel unwell.
• For machines with a water tank capacity exceeding 1 litre, use 2 portions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I descale my coffee machine?
Limescale deposits in the machine lead to longer brewing times and poorer heat transfer. This means that the optimum brewing temperature for the development of the coffee aromas is not achieved, which impairs the taste of the coffee. Limescale deposits can be a hygiene problem and are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Limescale builds up in the machine over time and can clog fine pipes. Limescale also promotes corrosion of the materials in the coffee machine. Both can lead to defects. Limescale deposits lead to increased energy consumption of your coffee machine and thus pollute the environment. Internal tests show that 1 millimetre of limescale increases energy consumption by 8.1%. We recommend regular and early descaling, ideally every 3 months for optimum coffee quality as well as a long machine life.

Why should I use this special espresso descaler for my coffee machine and not simply the durgol universal descaler?

The universal descaler is basically suitable for all household items. For open systems such as filter coffee machines, it can be used without any problems. For coffee machines with closed systems such as fully automatic coffee machines, capsule and pad machines as well as espresso machines, on the other hand, it requires a different formula with significantly less foam formation. Foam formation in closed coffee machine systems can lead to excessive pressure in fine lines and valves and thus to bursting or damage. The special espresso descaler was specially developed to descale coffee machines of all types and brands highly effectively and gently. The limescale is removed efficiently in a single pass.

What is the difference between coffee machine descaler (durgol swiss espresso) and coffee machine cleaning tablets?

A descaler removes limescale from the water-bearing components (mainly in the heating system) and ensures hygienic cleaning. Regular and thorough descaling prevents blockages and the accumulation of bacteria. A cleaner removes coffee oils, coffee fats and coffee powder residues in the brewing unit up to the coffee outlet. Regular cleaning is important to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the brewing unit. This is because oils, fats and coffee residues (polysaccharides), together with heat and moisture, are an ideal breeding ground. Both regular descaling and cleaning are essential components of coffee machine maintenance.

Why do I need both a product for descaling and a product for cleaning? Why can't I have both in one?

The cleaning or degreasing of coffee fats and oils is done with alkaline ingredients (caustic soda etc.). The removal of limescale, on the other hand, requires acidic ingredients. These two very different ingredients are not compatible in their chemical properties to be integrated in only one product and at the same time ensure the best possible cleaning or descaling performance for coffee machines. Therefore, there are specific products for descaling and for cleaning respectively.

How environmentally friendly is durgol swiss espresso?

Thanks to its yield and above-average limescale dissolving capacity, durgol swiss espresso is very economical in dosage and thus leads to a significantly better environmental balance in the consumption of cleaning agents and packaging. durgol swiss espresso contains no environmentally harmful phosphorus or aromatic hydrocarbon components. The acid content contained in the product is precisely matched to the applications and is completely neutralised during the reaction with the lime. If acid residues (e.g. due to incorrect dosing) get into the waste water, they are still harmless, as there is usually an excess of so-called alkalis in waste water (due to detergent residues) and the acid residues help to neutralise or break down these alkalis in the waste water.

What is the shelf life of the Universal Descaler?

3 years from the date of manufacture. 

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