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Durgol Universal Descaler: 25.4 oz.

Durgol Universal Descaler: 25.4 oz.

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Bottle size: 25.4 fluid ounces

Highly effective and economical 

Removes limescale 7x faster than vinegar or citric acid. 750 ml of Durgol Universal Descaler dissolves approx. 40 g of limescale and is therefore sufficient for numerous applications. 

Gentle on materials 

Unique corrosion protection ensures maximum protection of sensitive materials. Non-hazardous. 

Safe and easy to use 

Odorless and food-safe. Leaves no residue after descaling and rinsing. Easy to use and measure out. 

Instructions for Use:

Filter coffee machines:
Pour 1-2 cups  (1 cup = 150 ml) of Durgol Universal Descaler into the water tank and dilute with tap water. Let the solution run through the machine twice. Afterwards, run two cycles with just tap water. We recommend our special product durgol swiss espresso for all automatic coffee makers and capsule/pod/espresso machines.
Metal, plastic and glass containers (e.g. kettles, saucepans, vases, toothbrush glasses, baby bottles, etc.)
Depending on the quantity of residual limescale, fill the container with diluted or undiluted Durgol Universal Descaler so that it covers the limescale completely. Leave to act for up to 30 minutes. If the solution stops generating foam, but visible limescale is still left, the active substance is used up and you should add more Durgol Universal Descaler. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse the container with cold water.
Smaller Objects (e.g. tap filters (jet regulators), shower heads, nozzles, etc.)
If possible, detach the parts and place them in diluted or undiluted Durgol Universal Descaler for up to 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and dry any metal parts.
Surfaces and fittings (e.g. sinks, chrome steel troughs, fittings, aquariums, etc.)

Important Information:

  • When descaling household appliances, always take read the manufacturer’s instructions in the appliance’s operating manual.
  • With metal, Durgol Universal Descaler must be used cold.
  • Do not combine with other cleaning products.
  • After the descaling process, rinse the appliance with cold tap water and dry any metal parts.
  • Use only on undamaged, acid-resistant materials.
Ingredients: Water, Sulfamic Acid, Deceth-10, Colorant

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use the Durgol Swiss espresso for my coffee machine and not simply the Durgol Universal Descaler?

The Universal Descaler is basically suitable for all household items. For open systems such as filter coffee machines, it can be used without any problems. For coffee machines with closed systems such as fully automatic coffee machines, capsule and pad machines as well as espresso machines, on the other hand, it requires a different formula with significantly less foam formation. Foam formation in closed coffee machine systems can lead to excessive pressure in fine lines and valves and thus to bursting or damage. The Durgol Swiss espresso Descaler was specially developed to descale coffee machines of all types and brands highly effectively and gently. The limescale is removed efficiently in a single pass.

What is the shelf life of the Universal Descaler?

3 years from the date of manufacture. 

I have diluted the quick descaler with water. However, the lime deposits are not completely dissolved. What can I do? 

The more limescale that has accumulated, the more descaling solution is needed. If the limescale does not dissolve completely during use, this means that not enough descaling solution has been added and the acid agent has been used up. In this case, simply add a little more descaling solution and let it work again until the limescale is completely dissolved. As our descalers have a very high limescale dissolving power, we recommend a sparing dosage, which should only be increased if necessary.

How environmentally friendly is the Universal Descaler?

Thanks to its yield and above-average limescale dissolving capacity, this descaler is very economical in dosage and thus leads to a significantly better environmental balance in the consumption of cleaning agents and packaging. It contains no environmentally harmful phosphorus or aromatic hydrocarbon components. The acid content contained in the product is precisely matched to the applications and is completely neutralized during the reaction with the lime. If acid residues (e.g. due to incorrect dosing) get into the waste water, they are still harmless, as there is usually an excess of so-called alkalis in waste water (due to detergent residues) and the acid residues help to neutralize or break down these alkalis in the waste water.

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