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Field Dutch Oven: #10

Field Dutch Oven: #10


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The No.10 Dutch Oven is a 7 quart, all-cast iron design made for serious bread bakers and fans of large-format cooking.

Like all Field cast iron, the No.10 Dutch Oven is machined to a smooth finish and pre-seasoned for naturally non-stick cooking. All cast iron, made in the USA

The 7 quart cast iron Dutch Oven is an all-purpose kitchen tool, especially suited to sourdough bread baking, low-and-slow braising, baked pasta, and all kinds of frying.

This vintage-style all-cast iron design's non-stick cooking performance comes starts with grapeseed oil pre-seasoning and develops with time and use—and not flimsy engineered coatings. The No.10 Dutch Oven comes an exact-fit 11 ⅝-inch self-basting lid to ensure roasts and braises cook evenly, whether on the stovetop, in the oven, or over the campfire.

Field cast iron cookware matches traditional vintage sizing conventions, where the “number” corresponds not to diameter in inches, but to the burner ring size on an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. That means a 7 quart No.10 Dutch Oven is actually wider than 10 inches. (It’s tricky, we know.)

Here’s how they measure up:

Specifications No.10 Dutch Oven
Volume 7 quart
Top Diameter 11 ⅝"
Base Diameter 9 ¾"
Height 5.2"
Weight 9.5 lbs (base)


Well-seasoned cast iron cookware delivers a naturally non-stick cooking surface without harmful chemicals or engineered coatings. Your Dutch oven will arrive pre-seasoned, so it’s ready to cook right away.

Cast iron gets hot and stays hot, making it the best material for stovetop searing, oven-roasting vegetables, and especially sourdough baking.

Field cast iron cookware is compatible with all stovetop burner types, including glass and ceramic induction ranges.

Field Cast Iron is 100% Made in the USA. We work with recycled iron sourced from American vendors, and pour our cast iron cookware using green sand castings—just like the most celebrated vintage cast iron manufacturers, Griswold and Wagner.

The naturally non-stick cooking surface comes from multiple coats of grapeseed oil pre-seasoning. No teflon, no dirty tricks.

Like all great tools, cast iron cookware gets better with time and use.

To keep your No.10 Dutch Oven in top condition:

  • Pre-heat on low for up to 5 minutes before you start cooking.
  • Use acidic ingredients sparingly.
  • Clean according the Field Method for Cast Iron Care & Maintenance.
  • Hand-wash only. Never in the dishwasher.
  • Towel dry or heat to dry on the stovetop. Never drip-dry or store wet.

Most importantly, cook often!

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