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Field Long Griddle

Field Long Griddle


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The Long Cast Iron Griddle is our vintage-style double-burner griddle. A precisely-machined 9 x 16 ½-inch cooking surface covers two stovetop burners, making room for large batches of pancakes, french toast, bacon or burgers, and creating an extended searing surface for ambitious holiday roasts.

Heat the whole griddle for powerful cast iron searing, create high and low heat zones for precise batch cooking, or bring it outdoors as an auxiliary grilling tool.

100% cast iron, pre-seasoned for naturally non-stick cooking. Made in the USA.

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The Long Cast Iron Griddle is the product of over three years of research, design, prototyping and testing (plus lots and lots of cooking). Possibly the most versatile piece in the Field lineup; definitely the best tool for making grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Long Griddle is cast iron cooking at its most elemental: an extra-large, flat cooking surface machined precisely for non-stick performance and easy clean-up. Use this tool for extended cooking sessions that require steady heat — whether cranked up for strong searing, or dialed in for pancakes browned just-right.


Field Cookware follows vintage sizing conventions, as a nod to the classic American-made pieces that inspire us. We call our double-burner size the Long Griddle to distinguish it from our single-burner No.9 Round Griddle.

And the name fits: the 16 ½” cooking surface is long enough to comfortably fit across two burners. Here’s how the full-size Long Griddle measures up:

  • 16 ½” cooking surface length
  • 9” cooking surface width
  • 20 ½” total length (including handles)
  • 10 ½” total width
  • 360° drip channel, 3/16” depth
  • 10.5 lbs total weight

Please measure your stovetop to ensure a 20 ½" x 10 ½" griddle (including handles) will fit comfortably.


    Well-seasoned cast iron cookware achieves a natural non-stick surface without harmful chemicals or engineered coatings. Your griddle will arrive pre-seasoned with organic grapeseed oil so it’s ready to cook right away.

    Cast iron gets hot and stays hot, making it the best material for stovetop cooking, for everything from pancakes to steaks.


    Field Cast Iron is 100% Made in the USA. We work with recycled iron sourced from American vendors, and pour our cast iron cookware using green sand castings—just like the most celebrated vintage cast iron manufacturers, Griswold and Wagner.

    Our naturally non-stick cooking surface comes from multiple coats of grapeseed oil pre-seasoning. No teflon, no dirty tricks.

    USE & CARE

    For best performance, pre-heat the Long Griddle over two burners before use.

    To keep your Long Griddle in top condition:

    Most importantly, cook often!

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