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Kankitsu Labo Dry Candied Amanatsu Citrus Peel - 1.05oz

Kankitsu Labo Dry Candied Amanatsu Citrus Peel - 1.05oz


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This candy is made from the refreshing Amanatsu, a Japanese orange. Produced by Kankitsu Labo, which has been specializing in candied fruit products using fruit from local citrus farmers in Ehime prefecture, this candied Amanatsu orange peel is a real treat. It has been made using a traditional, time-consuming artisan method. The unique and flavorful candy exhibits a bright citrus flavor with a subtle bitterness and an unbeatable fine texture that keeps the sugars firmly attached to the orange peel and prevents your fingers from getting sticky. The candy does not contain any food coloring, artificial fragrance, or preservatives - only the delicious natural citrusy flavor!

Our favorite pairing: as cocktail garnish

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