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Rancho Gordo Flageolet Bean

Rancho Gordo Flageolet Bean

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A super mild European-style classic heirloom bean, known for its pairing with lamb but excellent as a pot beans and with roasted tomatoes. 

Suggestions: Pot beans, soup, salad, casseroles, dips

Note: The 2020 crop of Flageolets is smaller than previous years. It's the same bean, but they will look slightly different from what's photographed here. 

A creamy, mild bean, traditionally loved with spring lamb or in cassoulet-type dishes, but we love them best with roasted garlic and tomatoes as a side dish with most anything. We owe a lot to France for developing the Flageolet from what were originally New World beans. It's ultra-creamy and dense and it stays whole despite a little rough treatment when being cooked.
You can use Flageolet in many slow-cooked dishes. They seem like they'd be fragile and fall apart but they tend to stay whole, despite their delicate flavor and thin skins.

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