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Shun Classic 6.5" Master Utility

Shun Classic 6.5" Master Utility

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The ultra-versatile Shun Classic Master Utility combines the nimbleness of a utility knife with the do-it-all capabilities of a chef's knife. The blade is slightly longer and significantly wider, so you can easily accomplish a wide range of food preparation tasks while enjoying the ease of use and agility of a compact knife. Extra width at the heel and a slightly curved belly enables rocking cuts to easily mince herbs and spices. A larger handle gives you a secure, comfortable, and confident grip as you work. The Shun Classic Master Utility's downturned tip (similar to a kiritsuke) is extra durable. Slice, dice, shred, or portion; you can do it all with this one very beautiful, very functional, kitchen knife.

  • Combines the nimbleness of a utility knife with the do-it-all capabilities of a chef's knife
  • Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core is wear and corrosion resistant, strong, and very fine-grained to enable a razor-sharp, long-lasting 16° edge
  • 34 layers of stainless Damascus cladding each side (68 total); support the core, add stain resistance, and help food release from the blade
  • D-shaped ebony-finished PakkaWood® handles are comfortable for both left- and right-handed users; durable, beautiful, and won't harbor bacteria
  • Full composite tang for light weight and perfect balance
  • Handcrafted in Japan

      Dimensions & Capacities


      Blade Steel: VG-MAX cutting edge with 69 layer Damascus cladding

      Handle Material: Ebony color Pakkawood

      Use & Care Instructions

      Caring for Your Cutlery

      One aspect of caring for your knives is maintaining the edge and, when needed, sharpening the blade. But it’s also important to be aware of how you’re using your knives on a daily basis.

      Cutting technique

      Shun cutlery is designed to be used in a smooth, slicing motion—never in an up-and-down “chopping” manner. Imagine cutting wood with a handsaw, then slice through your food with a similar motion, intentionally pushing the knife forward and down as you slice, then pulling it back toward your body. Always pay attention to where your fingers are in relation to the knife. Your skill and experience level should determine the speed at which you cut. When first slicing with a Shun, it’s best to slow down and enjoy the effortless precision and cutting ability of your new knife. The only exception is when using Shun cleaver blades, which can be chopped with.

      Please do not use Shun knives on bones, joints, or frozen foods. Shun knives are designed for precision slicing rather than crushing down through hard materials.

      When your kitchen tasks call for cutting through hard foods, such as winter squash or produce with thicker, tougher rinds, like pineapple or watermelon, we recommend using the Shun Classic Western Cook’s Knife. This knife has been sharpened to a slightly wider angle, 22° on each side, to take on these heavier, harder foods. When cutting hard foods like these, you may find that the knife sticks in the food on occasion. If this happens, don’t twist the knife to the side to free it; that could damage the blade. Instead, lift the knife straight up and continue cutting. A handy tip for cutting hard vegetables, such as squash, is to heat the vegetable in the microwave briefly to soften it slightly before cutting. 

      Cutting surface

      The cutting surface you use makes a big difference in keeping your knives sharp. A good cutting board will help retain a sharp edge substantially longer. Medium-soft woods, such as hinoki, are preferred. Tile, ceramic, synthetic, marble, granite, or any kind of glass cutting boards are not recommended and can be very hard on your knives.

      Washing & drying

      It is important to protect your investment by hand washing your knives with gentle dish soap. Do not use soaps with citrus extracts or bleach; they can promote rust. Hold the knife flat against the back wall of the sink. Gently wash the exposed side with warm, soapy water. Turn the knife over and repeat. Rinse and towel dry immediately. Do not leave your knife sitting in a sink full of soapy water. It is hard on metals to be submerged in water for prolonged periods, and it’s a danger when you reach in.

      Handwashing is also the best way to care for the wood handles of your Shun knives. Although the wood has been stabilized, it is natural wood and, like all wood, will tend to shrink in very arid environments and swell in very humid environments. The handle color may change slightly over time due to oils in the hand as well as the natural color change of wood from oxidation and/or exposure to light. This is not a defect, but a natural part of the process.

      After handwashing your Shun knives, dry them immediately using a soft and absorbent dishtowel. Leaving water or any dampness on your knives can cause rusting. A thorough drying will help maintain your knives properly. Allowing them to air dry for a little while before storing helps, too.


      It is best to store your Shun cutlery in a wooden block, in-drawer knife tray, sheath, or knife case. Do not store your knives unsheathed in a drawer.


      Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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      California Prop 65 / AB1200 Warning

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